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The Top 10 Albums Of Maggy Luyten

Dan Sywala

20 févr. 2018

Belgian singer Magali Luyten is not filling magazine front covers, but for number of years, she is well established with metal first league. With her amazing talent and characteristic vocal she could deserve to be called “Ronnie James Dio in skirt”. During her career she has formed projects as Beautiful Sin, Virus IV but her current focus is French band Nightmare. On the other hand, she has built up her reputation mainly because of cooperation with Dutch composer and multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen in his project Ayreon, whether it was in studio or live recently. It was a great honor to interview big fan of Sennheiser microphones not only about her Top 10 albums, but also about current activities, vocal teaching through MYRIAD VOICE, career challenges and future plans. Maggy’s intro for her Top 10 albums: “There are many other artists that inspire me but here are the albums that made me grow as a musician, as a singer…”

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